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Indicative signs for treatment / benefits for your horse

Therapy is advised should your horse (suddenly):

  • Start to rear or refuse to jump
  • Push away its back during riding
  • Show signs of stiffness and lack of bending during walking
  • Try to bite you during girthing
  • Show general discomfort without apparent cause
  • Make a fall
  • Get cast in its stable

But also as supportive therapy after a veterinary treatment.

Treatment horse

Osteopathy can be used both on big and small horses and ponies (even Shetland ponies can benefit from it), but also on donkeys and mules, on young and older animals, on recreational and racing horses …

After the treatment has eliminated many tensions and discomforts, your horse will not only be more flexible, but also more relaxed or more energetic, happier and more docile during riding.

An osteopathic session will not only improve your horse’s physical health, but also its behaviour. By improving its general well-being, this therapy will allow you to enjoy your horse longer and to the fullest.

Ostéopathie cheval
Traitement de cheval
Traitement vétérinaire